My name is Andrea.
Live to love, love to live.
Communicative Disorder Major.
I blog whatever I see fits.
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Oplik recorded herself reading your posts to Tucker & they're posting quotes that you said, making fun of you. I don't think you deserve this much criticism.

It’s ok. I have more important things to tend to like funerals tomorrow and family dying.What they’re doing means nothing to me. What it shows is when the fight stops,the harassment just continues because they have no self control.
But thank you, someone saying that means a lot to me.

What I feel bad about the most was the anon who attacked his girlfriend that I saw last night about spitting on them or something?
She didn’t deserve that, just because he was starting shit.
She wasn’t technically part of the whole fiasco.
Nobody has a right to judge someone by another person’s actions.

But whatever, maybe my ignorance is showing when I say that.

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I feel like nobody truly got my point in the whole conversation that to me,he just wants to feel inspirational, cool and sound highly scientific in a quote that sounds just highly ignorant to me. Which screams hypocritical to me when you’re going to diss out on someone’s hobby or likes. Your opinions all don’t give a shit, I know my facts and use my knowledge to the best to understand things. I know what I am talking about.He is not only a hypocrite, but feels the need to tell us that he likes to permeably select the few he thinks is worthy of his time and effort; People who are are deemed normal and act just like him.
We are all weird.
Karma will get back at you when you do wrong.
I Also feel like also nobody truly understood my point that yes, Wikipedia is agreeable to find other sources, but using the website alone as a source is highly incompetent. To know that the even the rest world is relying in just the internet to get sources these days amazes me.

If we keep on relying on the internet for everything, then we are slowly going to lose our intelligence.

I know we are in the modern century but goddamn.
I work at Barnes and noble full of books,
I live and thrive in libraries.

If they don’t print anymore, it’s for a reason.

Truly understand my point before you downgrade me.

Technology is taking over our lives everyday.
And I am tired of it.
And I’m tired of everyone thinking unreliable websites are ok.

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I’m still amazed at how one man can just get so shit on while still retaining his head up his own ass. Truly talent.

He just wanted to be recognized and think he’s cool, in which he’s not.at all.

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